Watch: Fixed Income Investing at a Turning Point Video

Kelly HooverFebruary 26, 2021

Fixed-Income-Video Investments

2021 is set to bring very different investing conditions than seen in prior years. With interest rates at historic lows and inflation potentially on the way, the bond market is one area we’re keeping a close eye on.

Interest rates may finally begin to rise in 2021 for the first time in many years, which will impact bond valuations. For some, it may be time to revisit the formula of a simple stock and bond balance that has been successful for decades.

In our latest video, Chief Investment Officer Steve Gibson provides his perspective on current market conditions and what clients can do now to preserve their capital and find growth in this changing environment.

In this video, we answer these important questions:

  • What’s causing changes in the bond market today?
  • What’s on the horizon, and how will it impact my portfolio?
  • What can I do today to preserve my capital and maximize returns?

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