Financial Partners…And More

Peter K. HooverMarch 4, 2016

Financial Planning

Making money work has been important to me for as long as I can remember. Sure, spending what we earn is fun, but watching a nest egg grow and flourish to meet your financial objectives is far more rewarding. Achieving those financial goals for others is what drove me to enter a very new industry 35 years ago. The exhilaration of serving happy satisfied clients has never waned.

Last month, a discussion with a colleague prompted me to ponder what being a client of our company signifies. I thought about the hype displayed on TV by financial advisory giants and smiled, happy to be pocket-sized and independent with no proprietary strings. As a boutique firm, HFA is small, yet mighty. Clients receive an ideal blend of personalized one-on-one service and a host of large-firm benefits, such as 24-hour online account accessibility, which may even include assets we don’t manage.

HFA planners aren’t salespeople. We resolve to be thoughtful and trusted members of your family. We are committed to helping not just you, but your heirs, as well. We take great pride when you accomplish or exceed goals. On the flip side, it hurts us if a market we can never control is responsible for losses. However, no matter what occurs in a fluctuating economic landscape, HFA is always there to help and provide honest answers and intelligent solutions.

Because each client is unique, HFA financial plans are tailor made. There is a reason we ask lots of questions and dig deeply into your financial situation. It is to help us strategically plan and offer better guidance and financial advice. We listen very carefully to what you tell us and respect your rationale. We also take the initiative to reach out to you if opportunities – or potential problems – arise.

Based on positive feedback, we believe HFA clients are confident they and their families are our paramount priorities. Ongoing financial planning advice is always available and we frequently provide complementary ancillary services. In addition to financial advisors, our team is comprised of a wide variety of other professionals with a range of specialties to service your financial needs. The management fees we do assess are generally less than the industry standard. To be more responsive, we recently changed our investment management services to a discretionary platform.

When we hold an open house or seminar, the entire HFA team agrees it is more like a reunion. Our industry doesn’t permit us to solicit testimonials, but when clients gather, wonderful compliments abound. We light up when we overhear some of the comments made at these events. Some positive remarks concern our excellent service and prompt response to phone calls or queries. Clients also extend appreciation to our team and warm office environment. Quite often, people share the HFA experience and express how special they feel. That is truly what we are all about – personalized service above what is traditionally expected.

I think this individual care is why so many of you refer family, friends and business associates to HFA. For this, we are sincerely grateful. Perhaps people have asked you about us and what it feels like to be an HFA client. If so, I invite you to forward this blog to them. We welcome their business and would enjoy adding them to the family. I thank you for your trust in HFA and for the partnership we have built over the years.