Independently Thinking

By Bill Donahue

0117 HFretouchedHoover Financial Advisors, helmed by 30-plus-year veteran Peter K. Hoover, leads a diverse roster of clients down a path toward financial independence.

One might compare Peter K. Hoover, CFP, to a sought-after tour guide of a very particular sort—one who leads his clients on a long, fruitful and carefully structured journey, through territory rife with potential hazards, and delivers them safely to their destination.

“If you were to start out today driving from Philadelphia to California,you wouldn’t just get in the car and start driving,” he says. “You would figure out what route to take, where to stop and what you want to see along the way. It’s the same with a financial plan. You figure out the strategy, which becomes the road map or blueprint to get you where you want to go. For me, I look at the financial plan as the road map to your financial future.”

For more than 30 years, Pete has been creating these “road maps” in the form of individualized, flexible financial plans designed to keep clients financially independent, thereby enabling them to have a life that matches their hopes and dreams. After graduating from Shippensburg University in 1981, Pete immediately went into practice as an independent financial advisor. “I have known no way of life other than financial planning,” he says. He earned Certified Financial Planner status in 1987, and he has worked as an independent advisor from the very beginning.

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