Personalized Wealth Management Meets Modern Technology at Hoover Financial Advisors

CCL pictureHeadlines herald innumerable financial options. Municipal bonds? Stocks? REITs? Life Insurance? Mutual Funds? Online do-it yourself planning and website offers assault email accounts.  Self-help radio and television gurus advise and recommend any number of opportunities.  The list goes on.

It’s a far different investment world from the one encountered by 13 individuals who met at O’Hare International Airport in 1969 to begin development of the financial planning movement.  Nor is the industry the same as it was when Pete Hoover, CFP®, began his career 33 years ago – or when he launched Hoover Financial Advisors (HFA) in 2005.

Online financial tools and interactive software are readily available to people who wish to dabble on their own.  What’s missing in this rapidly racing cyber arena, however, is personalized wealth management, an HFA hallmark!  More than 340 households cherish the customized plans, one-on-one attention, and commitment to singular needs and retirement dreams provided by Hoover and his team.

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