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At HFA, we excel at tailoring a financial plan and investment strategy to your unique circumstances and financial goals using independent, non-proprietary products. While our diverse services add value in myriad ways, they are all centrally focused on best serving you.

Planning Today for A Solid Secure Tomorrow

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The financial advisors at HFA specialize in:

wealth preservation and distribution

Wealth Management, Preservation & Distribution

Through our consultative and individualized wealth management approach, we will work to develop a plan that meets your needs and achieves your goals today, and in the future. Then, integrating all aspects of your integrated financial picture, we will implement, monitor and refine your individual plan moving forward.

investment management

Investment Management

Our approach to investment management begins with a deep understanding of your needs, goals and financial personality. Building upon this understanding, we will make strategic use of a broad range of independent financial vehicles to accomplish your goals and balance your risk. The work of investment management is never done, as we continually monitor performance and refine your investment allocation over time.

estate planning

Estate Planning

Preparing for the next generation is both complex and critical, and no aspect of your financial picture can be overlooked. Our comprehensive approach to estate planning ensures that your wealth will be optimally preserved, distributed and protected—enabling you and yours to keep that for which you have worked so hard.

insurance solutions

Insurance Solutions

An essential element of your integrated financial plan, insurance planning prepares you to deal with unforeseen events in your future, while protecting your wealth. Through strategic insurance planning, we work collaboratively with our clients to effectively address their needs for protection and risk management.

finances after loss

Finances After Loss

After the loss of a loved one, it can be hard to find the energy and time to focus on the financial complexities that follow. HFA helps our clients in difficult times to manage the most complex financial challenges, and plan appropriately for the future.

retirement planning

Retirement Planning

It is never too early to plan for retirement. Retirement planning is a top stress point for Americans today, who lack clarity on how much to save and how to best manage their savings. Whether you are still in the middle your working years, nearing the end of your career, or newly retired, we will help you lay the groundwork for a comfortable and stable retirement.

college planning

College Planning

Amidst rising educational costs, it is of the utmost importance that early planning for college be an integrated aspect of your financial plan. We work with our clients to evaluate all options for high education savings, then develop and implement a strategy that maximizes tax benefits and helps them reach their goals for educational funding.

debt credit protection

Debt/Credit Protection

Protecting and preserving your wealth means defending yourself against the looming debt and credit threats that are present in the market today. We’ll help you develop a thoughtful and effective strategy to debt and credit protection.

income tax strategies

Income Tax Strategies

For most Americans, taxes are the single largest lifetime expenditure. But strategic tax planning can minimize your tax liability, enabling you to keep more of what you earn. Our tax planning experts will evaluate your financial situation from a tax perspective, then optimize your financial plan for tax efficiency.

cash flow management

Cash Flow Management

Integral to the management of your financial situation, cash flow management ensures that you are able to meet your expenses and achieve your goals at every life stage. At HFA, we will evaluate and plan for your future cash requirements, ensuring that you are prepared for the expenses to come.

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