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Life is filled with financial goals—from saving for your child’s education, to effectively preparing for your retirement, to ensuring that your investments are working for you and planning for the next generation. Are you interested in learning how a tailored approach to financial planning can help you address some of your most pressing financial challenges? Explore the case studies below.

paying for education

Paying for Your Child’s Education

With the rapidly increasing tuition costs each year, early planning for college is essential. Working with a financial planner to evaluate all options, develop a strategy and maximize tax benefits should help accomplish goals and objectives.

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planning for retirement

Planning for Retirement

A middle-aged man had hopes to retire and enjoy his golden years with his wife. They both had myriad interests and avocations and constantly talked about cushioning their retirement assets with enough resources to comfortably enjoy these passions. Unfortunately, family issues took precedence over savings and they were unable to accumulate as much as desired.

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increasing income from investments

Increasing Income from Investments

A retired couple was living primarily on investment income. The wife’s investment strategy was very conservative. She never wanted to take risks with their portfolio and invested most of their assets in Certificates of Deposit. The goal was to accumulate enough money to generate a safe income to supplement their social security.

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estate planning

Estate Planning

Before they were married, a young man and woman were both avid savers. They continued the practice throughout marriage. They consistently tried to maximize their annual 401k and 403b contributions as well as attempting to save on an after-tax basis. They listened to advice provided by the planners at HFA and early on developed a long-term investment strategy focusing on proper asset allocation of equities to fixed income assets.

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tax planning

Tax Planning

A successful married man and woman frequently complained about taxes they had to pay to the IRS. To learn if the annual tax bill could be reduced, they contacted planners at HFA for advice. A review of the couple’s most current tax return revealed how much taxable income was being generated from investments.

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stock market risk management

Stock Market Risk Management

A financially savvy young woman grew an interest in finance and investing when she began a career in retail management. She diligently tracked the portfolio she and her husband had established for their family. Although she had no formal training, the woman was confident she was knowledgeable enough to manage their investments.

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financial planning during divorce

Financial Planning During Divorce

A couple, married for many years, have three grown children who are on their own. After careful consideration, they decided to separate. The trial separation resulted in many concerns for the wife. Having very little financial knowledge, she was particularly worried she would not be able to provide for herself if they divorced. She met with HFA planners to help guide her through various financial implications she may face allowing her to make important decisions.

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planning for family financial security

Planning for Your Family’s Financial Security

Losing a spouse can be very difficult. HFA planners can help a couple financially prepare in advance of the death of either spouse.

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preparing for uncertainty

Preparing for Uncertainty

A newly married couple joyfully welcomed their first child into their family. Recognizing the risks and responsibilities associated with children, they wanted to be positive they were protected and met with planners at HFA to discuss various insurance options.

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outliving your money

Outliving Your Money

A recently retired husband and wife had always enjoyed life to the fullest. They both had productive careers, earned a good living – and – spent a lot of money. Confident they could manage their own finances, they never worked with a planner.

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