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The HFA Difference

We strive to earn your trust every day. Our guiding principles mandate our philosophy and motivate us to excel. At HFA, we can truly make a difference!



We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).




Hoover Financial Advisors has served our clients since our inception in 2005. Our team of specialists has more than 300 years of combined financial services experience. Pete Hoover has over 30 years’ experience as a practicing financial planner.

team of experts

Our Team of Experts

We service you through a team of professionals that include a financial planner, investment manager, insurance specialist and a CPA. These professionals all work together to develop and implement the strategy to best accomplish your goals and objectives.



Our financial planning services are advisory only; no products or services are sold as part of the financial planning process. We serve as your consultant. We do not have any proprietary products or corporate responsibilities.

comprehensive services

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

We coordinate all aspects of your financial situation from college to retirement planning, income tax and cash flow concerns, investment planning and analysis, risk management and estate planning.

trusted advisor

Trusted Advisor

In everything we do, we strive to earn your trust. We do this by being completely honest, doing what we promise we will do and only making recommendations that are in your best interest. We look at you as friends and partners, not account numbers.

responsible investing

Responsible Investing

We serve as your investment stewards and advisors, responsible for ensuring that our strategies and investment choices help meet your objectives and risk tolerance. We offer institutional-based fee pricing only, in order to minimize internal cost.

long lasting relationships

Long Lasting Relationships

Our financial planning services are designed to work as a “motion picture” unlike traditional financial planners who provide a “snapshot” of their clients’ existing financial situations. Instead, our financial planning services are dynamic in their approach and take into account life is not static nor are your goals. This approach helps to foster long term relationships.

fee based compensation

Fee Based Compensation

Both our financial planning and investment management services are offered on a fee basis, unlike commission–based advisors who receive compensation through transactions. Our main motivation is to keep you happy through superior client service, innovative financial and investment strategies and value added solutions.

uncomplicated reporting

Uncomplicated Reporting

We provide clear, comprehensive quarterly performance reports that are easily understood and show how your consolidated investments are performing. Our custodians also provide you with regular account and tax statements.

online access

Online Access

We continue to invest in technology to help serve your needs. We provide online access to your financial information and the ability to integrate all of your accounts in order to view your total portfolio. We also provide an online vault to store all of your financial documents.



We do not maintain custody of client assets. We adhere to a strict client confidentiality agreement and do not share any personal client information with unauthorized third parties.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose HFA

Top 10 Reasons to Choose HFA

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