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There was something special about that energetic West Chester Daily Local paper boy. This was the observation among subscribers who were warmed by his smile and impressed with his professionalism and integrity. For such a young man, he showed remarkable maturity and business acumen. Add enthusiasm for sports and making friends to the mix and you have a well-rounded kid destined for success.

Peter K. (Pete) Hoover is that former newspaper delivery person who has proved his customers were accurate in their assessment. The seeds of entrepreneurial dexterity were planted on those tree-lined Chester County neighborhoods and at the local bank where Pete avidly watched his savings grow. Seeing outstanding customer service result in greater income and passbook deposits growing money both invigorated and inspired him. Someday, he promised, he would have his own company and not only reap healthy earnings for himself, but help others to expand their wealth, as well.

To further his dream, Pete studied Finance at Shippensburg University and polished his management skills through active participation in various school organizations. In 1981, just days after graduation, he launched his profession as an independent financial planner. Being independent was fundamental to the budding executive, who recognized the value of objectivity. He views each individual and situation distinctively and provides customized service designed to give clients the best advice and plans for their particular needs and goals.

Early in Pete’s career, he helped organize the local Institute of Certified Financial Planners chapter where he served as president and chairman of the board. ICFP named him a Certified Financial Planner of the Year and relied on him as a strong industry leader. In 1987, he was designated a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

Hoover Family

As his client base grew, Pete became eager to fulfill his boyhood vow to own a business. The catalyst to establish Hoover Financial Advisors, PC was a construction site on Moores Road in Malvern. Nearly every day, he drove by as the office building took shape. He loved the location, the architectural style and the personal potential for him and his family – wife Beth and their children Kelly, Katie, Chris and Jaci.

The distinctive corner office resembling a house spoke to him. It magnified his vision. It instilled a passion to produce financial plans the way he knew they should be created. In 2005, he moved into the new building and Hoover Financial Advisors was born. Many loyal clients accompanied Pete, pleased to be part of what promised to be a successful journey.

The journey, indeed, continues to thrive. HFA – through prosperity and economic downturn – helps to protect their clients’ wealth, providing intelligent resources for comfortable retirement and liberal bequests for heirs. Pete’s zeal, coupled with meticulously selected staff members who share his passion for customer service, help make this happen.

As a family man, Pete knows how important peace of mind is. Prudent money management in concert IMG_0348with the most up-to-date financial planning technology, are tantamount to ensuring contentment and a secure and enhanced quality of life. He and Beth proudly attended their children’s college graduations and planned two beautiful weddings. They welcomed three grandchildren – Madison, Connor and Abigail. The joy stirring the content couple’s hearts at these monumental times is an emotion Pete strives to make possible for clients as they, too, fulfill their dreams.

hoover-portraitIt is this supportive understanding of family dynamics and the importance of developing a means to turn what ifs into fruition for families and their heirs that energizes Pete. He asserts the end result of financial planning is not what rate of return someone earns on their investments, how much income tax is paid or the magnitude of net worth. It is the feeling clients receive when they know they are financially comfortable. When a husband says thank you for taking care of my wife if something happens to me unexpectedly or a child expresses appreciation for an inheritance and estate in good order, Pete smiles to himself. These sentiments reinforce his long-ago choice to help others through a career in financial planning. This is Pete Hoover’s legacy.

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